In the summertime, there's plenty of fun to be outside. The sun's warming rays, the fresh air, a magnificent Alpine panorama, and relaxing peace… all this and more awaits you around us.



Hiking paradise “Salten”
Numerous hiking trails through the valley start right at our doorstep. For stunning views at the famous Dolomites you can go to Tschöggelberg Hiker’s Paradise, just a short trip of 15-30 min. by car from our place. Our local Tourism Associaton also offers guided hikes weekly. You can get hiking information and helpful hints every day from our head manager.


Other summer activities
In the immediate vicinity of us, you’ll find: Tennis courts (5 minutes by foot), an exercise path (5 minutes by foot), aerial tram (10 minutes by car) to the Tschöggelberg Hiking Paradise, a 9-hole golf course (10 km), various biking trails, the city of Bozen/Bolzano (15 km) with its "Iceman" Museum and lots more; the city of Meran/Merano (20 km) with its Botanical Gardens and the Thermal Baths etc., etc.; our guest house is also a good starting-point for excursions to the Dolomites , to Lake Garda, an attractive weekend schedule of events organized by the Terlan/Terlano Tourism Association and much more…


Charming Bolzano
Would you like to leave the quiet village life behind for a few hours? Then take a trip into nearby Bolzano! A varied program of cultural events and lots of shopping opportunities await you there. A place of contrasts, South Tyrol's capital city will seduce you with its "small big city" feel. There is a charming mix of new and old and the romantic winding alleys of the Bolzano arcades invite you to explore them with a leisurely stroll. You also have the opportunity of marvelling at "Ötzi the Iceman" in the Archaeological Museum.


The spa town of Merano
After the predominantly Italian Bolzano, Merano is the second biggest town in South Tyrol and is heavily influenced by the German-speaking majority. The spa town is wonderfully located in the middle of an amazing mountain region. The year-round mild climate with over 300 days of sunshine attracts visitors from all over the world - not just hikers and skiers but also admirers of the remarkable old town.
In the town centre of Merano many traditional shops and modern chains are hidden amongst the medieval arcades providing visitors with a unique shopping experience.


The Messner Mountain Museum Firmian
Besides Ötzi, Reinhold Messner is probably the most famous South Tyrolean. The likeable mountaineer has devoted his life to mountains and mountain climbing and is always keen to get involved with anything that concerns the conservation of Alpine culture. For this reason Messner set up museums in five locations in South Tyrol dedicated to this topic. In a multimedia exhibition, the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian at Ponte d'Adige castle illustrates the conflict between "mountain and man".